Accra, Ghana, Africa

Chartered August 29, 2020

Meet the Charter Members

The History of Gamma Alpha Sigma Zeta Chapter, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 

Gamma Alpha Sigma Zeta, Accra, Ghana

On May 27, 2019, Soror Kisha Hugh-Abban was invited to a chat group created by Soror Freda Koomson, for Zetas in West Africa. Soror Koomson shared her desire to reactivate Zeta’s first international chapter, Delta Iota Zeta, as a regional chapter that would comprise Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria.  Upon hearing this information, Soror Hugh-Abban knew that she wanted to be part of this fantastic opportunity. On the other side of the world, Shannan “Akosua” Magee set her sights on pursuing membership into Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. She sat on her computer and carefully crafted her thoughts as to why she wanted to become part of the greatest sorority on earth. Akosua expressed her desire to see Zeta Phi Beta Sorority establishing a presence throughout Ghana. 


Soror Koomson and Soror Hugh-Abban began to undertake the necessary steps with guidance from Soror Salaine Atkins-Little, the Atlantic Region International Area Director.  Together the women began to search for other Zetas throughout West Africa to join them in this momentous task. When Soror Hugh-Abban learned that Soror Shannan “Akosua” Magee was officially a member of the sorority, she approached her about joining them to bring Zeta to West Africa.  Soror Magee eagerly signed on and recruited Soror Shermaine Moore-Boakye to join the merry band.


A few months later, the ladies would receive news that they had the opportunity to charter their chapter in Ghana independently. It was at this time a fourth member was added to help bring this dream to a reality, Soror M. Lorna JnBaptiste. On August 29, 2020, the Ghana Zetas were blessed to induct new members into the sisterhood, Soror Johnetta “Nzali” Abraham, Soror Tonya Saafir-Ankomah, and Soror L. Michelle Spears, which was followed by the chartering of the chapter. Together, these gracious and vivacious women went on to become the Gamma Alpha Sigma Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., also known as the Ghana Zetas.


Charter Members

Soror Johnetta Abraham

Soror Kisha Hugh-Abban

Soror M. Lorna JnBaptiste

Soror Shannan Magee

Soror Shermaine Moore-Boakye

Soror Tonya Saafir-Ankomah

Soror L. Michelle Spears


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